Cogencis Data Platform

Cogencis Data Platform (CDP) data coverage is universal and comprehensive. Whether it is Fixed Income or Forex or Equities or Commodities or Derivatives. Exchange traded or traded over the counter (OTC). Real-time or historical. Market data or reference rates or indices and benchmarks or fundamentals of companies and securities or research report and estimates; it is a powerhouse of Data. Every day we ingest data from a myriad sources including exchanges, third-party data providers and data collated through our data analysts. Data received from various sources gets refined and stored into a single, related, and integrated Data Platform. Data contained in CDP can be accessed through Cogencis WorkStation or by deploying its open API into enterprise level applications.

Cogencis Data Platform hosts a wide range of data ranging from streaming real-time data, to reference and entity data, to company and security level data, to rating migration, to corporate action, to historical time series data on economy and sectors. The coverage is truly comprehensive.

Real-time Market Data

Large set of streaming data pertaining to trades and prices is easily accessible almost instantly after the event takes place.

Reference Data

Large Reference data sets from various sources such FBIL reference rate for leading currencies and USDINR are part of Cogencis WorkStation. We have our in-house calculated and Corporate Bond Reference Rate which enables the market participants to do the valuations based on it.

Full in-depth coverage of ‘Alternate Reference Rates’ are sourced from the respective with their respective currency is the prime highlight of our terminal.

Pricing & Valuation

All types of Fixed Income instruments, such as SLR, Non-SLR and Short Term Debt papers like CD, CP, & T-bills can be valued for current and historical dates. In addition to Price & YTM computation, other bond metrics such as ‘Duration’, ‘Convexity’ and ‘Current Yield’ are also computed.

For Valuations, we are offering a mixed bag of NSE Fixed Income Valuation as well as our own in-house valuations based on FIMMDA methodology as mandated by RBI.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Action service & calendar allows you to view all the corporate events for one or several instruments at the same time across exchanges.

Corporate Fundamental Data & Estimates

Corporate specific data with the entire set of financials and non-financial data sets, both historical & current year are available. Legal dispute data like tribunals, legal data, and index of charges, GST, industry specific disclosures and similar corporate documents is all part of our Corporate Fundamental Data.

Securities Reference Data

Starting from historical traded price to historical yield; we bond database provides comprehensive information for 25,000+ securities issued by both pubic as well as private issuers. Data coverage on primary issuance of debt instruments with details Terms & Conditions.

Funds Data

Mutual Fund Analytics Tool helps to identify trends in the financial market and derive valuable insights that can be used to take business decision. We cover 43 fund houses which contains 1600+ schemes coverage. Some of the key data includes Portfolio, AUM, NAV, Ratios etc. gathered from primary sources.

Credit Ratings Data

Coverage of more than 60,000 company ratings mandate by all Rating agencies – CRISIL, CARE, ICRA, Bricksworks, India Ratings, Acuite and Informerics. Users receive real time updates on a daily basis. The data set is completed with information like Rating Agency, Instrument Rated, Rating Action and many more details.

Macro & Sectoral Data

Database of over 800 macro indicators across G20 countries. The most comprehensive database of Indian macro-economic indicators covering national accounts, external sectors, money and banking, price and interest rates, primary and secondary capital markets, industries, services, agriculture and trade. The data is updated real-time from a number of primary sources. The historical data dates back to early 2000 and 1980s for some key indicators.